Issue creating a 2nd depot on server.

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Issue creating a 2nd depot on server.

帖子 davefollmers » 2018 2月 24, 07:57

Here is the issue I'm having. Currently we have a depot and files mapped to it for one of our games (all is well here). Now, I'm trying to create a second depot on the server and connect a new work space to it that is only associated with this new depot (another game project). However, I don't know how to add files to the new depot on the server. I try to associate the files (mark them for add) and I always get this error, File(s) not under client view. I feel like this is such a simple thing but I don't understand how to set it up properly. I'm sure its really straightforward but I cant seem to find a single step by step tutorial on how to set up a second depot and its subsequent mappings on the same server.
Can anyone step in here and straighten me out? Maybe quick step by step?
Please help.

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